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February 27 and 28, 2014 - Kick off meeting in Zagreb

The implementation of the Tempus project LifeADA started with the Kick off meeting held on February 27 and 28, 2014, organized by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture. About 40 foreign participants, partners in the project and about 30 local participants attended the meeting. At the opening ceremony participants were welcomed by Melita Kovačević,  Vice-Rector for Research and Technology,  University of Zagreb, Vesna Dodokivić Juroković, deputy of the Director, Agency for Science and Higher Education, Aleksandar Horvatić, Head of Department for Education and training of farmers, Agricultural Extension Service, Dragica Karaić, Directorate for EU Programmes, bilaterals and International Institutions, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Jasmina Skočilić, Agency for Mobility and EU programs, Zoran Grgić, Vice-Dean for Management,  Faculty of Agriculture and Renata Bažok, Project coordinator and Vice-Dean for International Relations, Faculty of Agriculture. All partners presented their participation in lifelong learning over the past five years. The subject of the conference was about the methodology of implementation and financial structure of the project. The first meeting of the Project Management Committee was held and next steps in the project were agreed. They include Partnership Agreement signing, allocation of resources, creation of questionnaire that will be translated into all national languages ​​of the project partners, analysis of questionnaires and review of the need for lifelong learning. Next workshop is planned for March 2015, in Sarajevo where results of the questionnaires will be discussed as well as assessment of priority areas for sustainable agriculture.

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                  LifeADA methodology

1_Introduction by Zoran Grgić&Renata Bažok2_Aleksandar Horvatić, CAS3_IMG.JPG4_IMG5_Vesna Dodiković Juroković_AZVO6_Melita Kovačević_UNIZG7_Project Coordinator_Renata Bažok.JPG8_Jasmina Skočilić_AMPEU9_Dragica Karaić_MINPO10_LifeADA structure and Project aims_Renata Bažok11_Coffee break12_Branka Roščić&Renata Bažok.JPG13_Coffeee break.JPG14_Snježana Bolarić&Mrna Mrkonjić Fuka.JPG15_Dragica Karaić&Vesna Dodiković Jurković.JPG16_Branka Roščić, Melita Kovačević, Renata Bažok & Zoran Grgić.JPG17_Branka Roščić, Melita Kovačević, Renata Bažok & Zoran Grgić.JPG18_Snježana Bolarić, Nenad Jalšenjak & Marko Vinceković.JPG19_Mina Đorđević&Željka Plužarić.JPG20_Tomislav Treer&Željko Jukić.JPG21_Korce team.JPG22_Ruža Bruvo&Jasmina Skočilić.JPG23_Mostar team.JPG24_Podgorica&Sarajevo team.JPG24_Tirana&Priština team.JPG25_Branka Šakić Bobić&Ivica Kos.JPG26_Tomislav Treer, Željko Jukić&Vlatka Čubrić Čurik.JPG27_Tomislav Treer&Helena Virić Gašparić.JPG28_Cofee break.JPG29_Perparim Laze_Tirana30_Benita Stavre_Korce31_Marija Zunabović_BOKU32_IMG33_IMG.JPG34_IMG.JPG35_IMG.JPG36_IMG.JPG37_Izabela Dankić_Mostar38_Nedeljko Latinović_Podgorica39_Sonja Marić_Osijek40_Tomislav Treer_Zagreb41_Angelika Thomas_Hohenheim42_Fadil Musa_Priština42_Marija Klopčič_Ljubljana43_Discussion44_Dinner.JPG45_IMG.JPG46_IMG.JPG50_IMG.JPG51_IMG52_IMG.JPG53_IMG54_IMG55_IMG56_WG2Prezentation_Jerko Markovina57_WG3 Presentation_Vlatka Čubrić Čurik58_WG4 Presentation_Mirna Mrkonjić Fuka59_Discussion60_LL workshop_Neven Ricijaš