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Survey “Students’ Perception of Professors’ Communication”

Dear Partners,

 As announced on our Workshop in Podgorica, professor Karmen Erjavec from University of Ljubljana created a survey “Students’ Perception of Professors’ Communication”. The survey is intended for students (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate). The results will be used in preparation of Teacher training in Ljubljana (September 13 - 19, 2015). Professor Erjavec would like to get back about 30 – 50 correctly filled surveys per partner till the end of August.

 Please find the the survey “Students’ Perception of Professors’ Communication” and link on the on-line form:

 Please be so kind to inform your students about this survey and forward them the link or word / printed version of the survey.

 We would highly appreciate your cooperation and involvement.

 The on-line form is also available on our FB page.