KEY PERSON - Marija Zunabović, Ph.D.
KEY PERSON - Dr. h.c. Jochem Gieraths (until June 20, 2015, retired). Replaced by Dr. sc. agr. Angelika Thomas
KEY PERSON - Prof. Nedžad Karić, Ph.D

Quality of partnership

The current project consortium have previous strong relationships among the partners which have been strengthened during the years through previous TEMPUS, CEEPUS, Erasmus-Mundus projects as well as several bilateral and multilateral research projects and other form of interaction which can be easily collected from the EU databases.

The University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. The University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture (UNIZG) is the leading institution in the field of agriculture and related sciences in Croatia. UNIZG organizes studies at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate specialist and doctoral level. UNIZG has experience in development of curriculum and implementation of some LL models. J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (UNIOS) acts as a regional centre of knowledge, research and excellence. UNIOS organizes studies at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. There is a strong connection between Faculties of Agriculture in Zagreb and in Osijek regarding mutual cooperation in domestic and international projects. In the project partnership, University Hohenheim has the longest experience and reputation in development of LL knowledge transfer systems. With one of the leading European University centres for knowledge transfer UHOH brings to the project the skills and competences needed in development of a LL. BOKU, the only Austrian university in the area of Natural Resources Management and Life Sciences has vast experience in co-ordinating and being a partner in different EU Programs, has managed student and staff exchanges in various scholarship programs and is actively engaged in different university networks. BOKU and UHOH are both members and have strong relationship in the EUROLEAGUE, a network of 7 EU-universities. In cooperation with UHOH and BOKU, UNIZG has developed study programs according to Bologna declaration through the Tempus project CD-JEP 17108-2002 Reform of Agricultural Studies in Croatia. There is a strong relationship and cooperation within the ICA university network. University of Ljubljana Biotechnical Faculty is the leading national higher education and research institution in the domain of applied life sciences. Department of Animal Science has an important role in the development of the Slovenian agriculture and food policies. The University of Korça was created in 1992. In 1994 it was given the name “Fan S. Noli”. The studies in this University are organized full-time and part-time in two levels: first level and second level, based on the Bologna Declaration. During the academic year 2009-2012 the University of Korça is preparing specialists in 26 programs of study.  Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), founded in 1951 as the Higher Agricultural Institute, is the unique centre for undergraduate and graduate studies, scientific research, training and extension in the area of agriculture, food and environment. AUT has established cooperation with different universities in Europe and USA, through this cooperation, AUT aims diploma recognition and equalization and also joint scientific research projects in the field of environment and agriculture. University of Mostar is a higher education institution which organizes and performs university studies, scientific and professional work and develops highly skilled artistic and technological creation. SVEMO is internationally oriented and its intention is to become fully integrated into the EHEA. The University of Sarajevo cultivates centuries long tradition of high education in B&H. Institutional beginnings of our high education are quite similar to the Western Europe’s university tradition. University of Sarajevo has established partnerships with more than 40 Universities from Europe, USA, Canada and Arab countries. University of Prishtina is an autonomous public institution of higher education, which develops academic education, scientific research, artistic, professional counselling and other areas of academic activities. Colleagues have objectives, among other, to cooperate and participate in all the activities of higher education at the national, regional and international levels, adapt to European standards and fully integrated in the European higher education area and the European research area. The heritage of the Biotechnical faculty (BTF) dates back to 1937 and since 2008 it was constituted as Biotechnical Faculty. The recent openness of the Montenegrin society and economy, since 2000, has had a positive impact on BTF’s activities regarding the connections with partner institutions in the Balkan region and with EU Member States. The involvement of the BTF in the ERA has thus increased. The Faculties from Osijek and Zagreb along with all other partner countries have successfully participated in Tempus project JEP 41143-2006 Support Network for Improvement of the Strategic Planning coordinated by UHOH and in on-going Tempus International joint Master degree in Plant Medicine coordinated by University of Bari.

Tasks between the partners are equally distributed with respect to the different tasks of the EU partners and partner countries. Regarding the “ownership” of the project, publications or any “other contributions” arising from the Project will be the responsibility of the authors/parties. However, any of these publications or other contributions has to be announced in advance to the Co-ordinator and the other Parties. This is regardless of the language in which the publication or “other contribution” is produced. Any data from the project which are collected, assessed or analysed with help of another partner or the coordinator have to be published jointly. The networking of partners will be established through the detailed working concept and distribution of tasks. The communication amongst partners is envisaged by e-mail, Facebook profile, on-line shared documents and partner access to projects website (intranet).