University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

Partners / University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

The University of Hohenheim (UHOH) is a modern university with a long tradition in the area of agriculture and natural sciences and a broad and long-term experience in international project management and scientific co-operation. Today the university is structured in the three faculties of natural sciences, agricultural sciences and economics and social sciences in which more than 9000 students study in 35 courses. The university includes five research stations, four state institutes and seven research centres which enable intensive, inter-disciplinary and practice-oriented research in situ. The excellence of interdisciplinary and international profile of the UHOH is reflected in the number of joint international teaching and research projects currently being conducted in various regions of the world such as WB-region, Russia, Asia, China and Africa.

Role of UHOH will be to set up working groups, nominate an officer for LL, and expert for career guidance. Institution will review the working concept, prepare the presentation on LL activities, and prepare trainers for training. UHOH will conduct surveying, prepare reports on LL potentials at institutional level, as well as a case study. Institution will participate in a workshop in Sarajevo. UHOH will review the draft version of Regional guidelines, will participate on a round table, and the final conference in Tirana. UHOH will participate in teacher training, designing of pilot activities, courses' curricula, and their conduct. Institution will distribute and collect student questionnaires, and will be involved in drafting the memorandum of understanding. Institution will provide an expert not involved in other working groups nor in any other project activity. UHOH will participate in project management, and creation of Interim and Final reports.