University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Partners / University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

BOKU, the only Austrian university in the area of Natural Resources Management and Life Sciences, with some 11.500 students (18% of which are international) has vast experience in co-ordinating and being a partner in different EU Programs, such as: TEMPUS+ERASMUS Curricula Development projects / Intensive Programes, Grundtvig+LEONARDO +EU-Australia projects. BOKU was the first Austrian University ever to co-ordinate an ERASMUS MUNDUS ECW project with South east Asia. BOKU has managed student and staff exchanges in various scholarship programes:  ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 1 and Action 2 + previous Action 4 projects; as well as EU-US projects.  At the European level BOKU is actively engaged in networks, dealing mainly with topics referring to education and research, like ICA and its subgroups SILVA, IROICA AGRINATURA and CASEE. In 2001 BOKU was one of the founders of the „EUROLEAGUE“, a network of 7 EU-universities working closely together in the field of education and curricula development

Role of BOKU will be to set up working groups, nominate an officer for LL, and expert for career guidance. Institution will review the working concept, prepare the presentation on LL activities, and prepare trainers for training. BOKU will conduct surveying, prepare reports on LL potentials at institutional level, as well as case study. Institution will participate in a workshop in Sarajevo. BOKU will review the draft version of Regional guidelines, will participate in a round table, and final conference in Tirana. BOKU will participate in teacher training, designing of pilot activities, courses' curricula, and their conduct. Institution will distribute and collect student questionnaires, and will be involved in drafting the memorandum of understanding. Institution will also provide an expert not involved in any other working group, nor in any other project activity. BOKU will participate in the project management, and creation of Interim and Final reports.