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The University of Sarajevo cultivates centuries long tradition of high education in B&H. Institutional beginnings of our high education are quite similar to the Western Europe’s university tradition. In 1531, Gazi Husrev–bey had founded the Hanikah, a Sufi philosophy high school, which was supplemented in 1537 with the institution for Islamic sciences studying. In 1887, precisely during the period of Austrian – Hungarian rule, the Shariah Court School started with its work, operating as a five year high school. Modern history of the University of Sarajevo begins with the opening of first secular higher education institutions, in the dusk of and during WWII (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry 1940, Faculty of Medicine, 1944. The University of Sarajevo has established partnerships with more than 40 Universities from Europe, USA, Canada and Arab countries.

Role of UNSA will be to set up working groups, nominate an officer for LL, and expert for career guidance. Institution will review working concept, and prepare presentation on LL activities. UNSA will conduct surveying, prepare reports on LL potentials at institutional and national level, as well as a case study. Institution will organize and participate in a workshop in Sarajevo. UNSA will review the draft version of Regional guidelines and will develop national strategies, will participate in a round table, in a meeting in Osijek, and the final conference in Tirana. UNSA will participate in teacher training, designing of pilot activities, courses' curricula, and their conduct. Institution will distribute and collect student questionnaires. UNSA will participate in project management, creation of Interim and Final reports, and procurement of equipment.